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Glossary of Terms

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Capital Request - A planned undertaking to purchase, build or renovate a space or building, or to acquire equipment.

Community - The people living in the same district, city, state, etc.

Contribution - A tax-deductible gift, cash, property, equipment or services from an individual to a non-profit organization. Most often given annually.

General Operating Support - Funds, both contributions and grants, which support the ongoing services of the organization.

Grants - Generally an allocation from foundations, corporations, or government for special projects or general operating. May be multi-year or annual.

Indicator - The observable, measurable characteristic or change that represents achievement of the outcome.

In-Kind Support - A contribution of equipment/materials, time, and or services that the donor has placed a monetary value on for tax purposes.

Methodology - A sequence of activities needed to accomplish the program objectives.

Outcomes - The changes in (or benefits achieved by) clients due to their participation in program activities. This may include changes to participants' knowledge, skills, values, behavior, or condition of status.

Performance Standard - The number and percent of clients who are expected to achieve the result. Also called target, they should be based on professional judgment, past data, or professional standards.

Program - An organized set of services designed to achieve specific outcomes for a specified population that will continue beyond the grant period.

Project - A planned undertaking or organized set of services designed to achieve specific outcomes that begins and ends within the grant period. (A successful project may become an ongoing program.)

Success Story - An example that illustrates your program's effect on a client.