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About The Snook Foundation

John McClure Snook was a businessman; entrepreneur and great visionary who helped operate, grow, manage, and maintain the family phone company business in southern Baldwin County, Alabama. Established in 1929 by John’s father Ward Snook, Gulf Telephone was the first telecommunications company in the area.

Gulf Telephone provided service to residents of South Baldwin for decades. Because of the foresight and planning of John, and his desire to help those in the community he was apart of, The Snook Foundation was established in 1972.

After John passed away in 1994, his wife, Marjorie Younce Snook, took over as President of the Board of Trustees for the foundation. Following the sale of Gulf Telephone Company in 1999, Mrs. Snook and the Board of Trustees followed through with John’s wishes.

Over the last two decades, the foundation has provided funding for scholarships, promoted health care, contributed to civic organizations, enhanced school facilities and educational programs, and increased educational opportunities. We have expanded our goals and provided assistance in times of natural disasters, helped open the doors to numerous fitness, health, and medical centers, and provided a large umbrella of educational assistance with funding for libraries, historical organizations and local afterschool programs.

On the humanitarian side, the foundation has moved to help local nonprofit organizations that specialize in aide and assistance to our local residents. We have provided funding for local food banks, first responders, programs for veterans, and numerous other worthy agencies and organizations.

Our goal at The Snook Foundation is to continue to grow, support and provide to the numerous organizations that strive to open doors and lend assistance to the residents of Baldwin County. We will continue to evolve, much like our area, and our trustees will examine each grant request on a case-by-case basis. Our hope is to open new avenues and pave the way for current and future generations to succeed on all levels.

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